As a brand that has created a reputation around high-quality range cookers, it may be of some surprise to learn that Rangemaster offers so much more than it’s most iconic product line. In fact, the knowledge of outstanding build quality and intelligent features the brand first developed from its range cookers has been applied to multiple new types of home appliances, with fantastic results. 

The latest RSXS18SS/C American Fridge Freezer from Rangemaster is a case in point, with a design perfectly suited for any modern kitchen and smart features to make your food go further. In this review, we will run over this outstanding appliance that cements Rangemaster as a brand that creates for the contemporary as well as the traditional home. 


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Keeping Your Food Fresher, For Longer

When your next American fridge freezer comes packed with a massive capacity of 560 litres, as does the RSXS18SS/C, for many lesser brands the possibility of storing over 30 bags of shopping as once may seem like a great ideal. However what good is a bulk of food if your fridge doesn’t work to make your food stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible. 

With this latest design Rangemaster has incorporated a few key features to solidify performance and ensure that no matter what kind of foods you store that taste and shelf life. The first performance-enhancing feature is called Ionizer, which spreads negative ions throughout the interior and ensuring that all food among the 2 crisper drawers, 3 shelves and 8 internal door shelves doesn’t give out any unpleasant odours. When storing strong cheeses, marinated meats and any other powerful flavours any chance of cross-contamination is eliminated.

Working together with Ionizer is RangeFresh technology, with both features creating the perfect solution to eliminate odours and gases that increase the rate at which foods reduce in freshness. This feature actively works to reduce the amount of ethylene in the internal cavity, this gas is associated with causing food to degrade more quickly and affecting flavour. 


Cooling In More Ways Than One

In both the fridge and freezer compartments the Super Cool and Freeze functions respectively allow for quick cooling or freezing of added foods. This not only ensures your shopping is brought down to the correct temperature but also that the internal temperature of the RSXS18SS/C is never raised affecting food already stored.  

In addition, the Rangemaster American Fridge Freezer is ready for both short and long trips away from home and for keeping your food fresh and energy consumption minimised for your absence. Going away for a long weekend but want to ensure your food is perfectly ready for your return? Activate the Eco mode, this will naturally reduce energy consumption and remove contingencies for regular door opening whilst preserving your food. 

What about when you leave on a 2-week trip abroad, with no-one home at all using your fridge? When activating Holiday mode on the RSXS18SS/C the fridge compartment is deactivated, with the freezer zones kept consistent to ensure that food is kept frozen for your return. This is a great handy feature to avoid unnecessarily using energy while you are away from home. 


For passionate foodies, Rangemaster is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Leeds. At Leeds Gas Showroom you can get the Rangemaster RSXS18SS/C with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.