If you’ve subconsciously pinned Rangemaster as a company committed to the range cooker alone then you are about to be proven wrong! This proud British brand have never been one to rest on their laurels which has seen them build up an impressive offering of fridges, freezers, hoods and in this case, hobs! The RMB75HPECGL is made for those with some serious cooking ambitions whether it’s cooking multiple pans simultaneously to make complex dishes, or to cook at capacity for a ravenous family. 


Safety First



The hob itself is ceramic plated which comes with a huge variety of benefits namely that it is very easy to clean and is great at repelling boiled-on stains. Let’s face it - using a stove that contains five burners is bound to take a beating in terms of spills and splashes. Many ceramic hob critics often claim that residual heat and lack of detection methods present a considerable safety issue when it comes to cleaning the hob and having kids around it. The RMB75HPECGL has a very handy residual heat indicator which will light up as a warning that the hob is still hot. Once it drops to a safer temperature threshold, it will then turn off. In addition to this the “hot hob indicator will visually highlight any active hobs. Again this is really helpful if you are mindful about small hands accidentally touching the hob. In addition, Rangemaster has also included an easy to use child lock which will stop the hob from functioning until the lock is removed.


Flexible & Diverse Cooking Capability

In terms of burners, there is a nice even split between one main wok sized hob which is located in the central portion of the hob, two medium and two small hobs. This gives you a huge range of cooking options from small bellini pans all the way up to large pots capable of boiling spaghetti for 8. The fifth burner is slightly different in that it has both an inner and outer ring which allows it to act as a multi-zone cooker capable of cooking both small and large pans. As mentioned the RMB75HPECGL is a sizable hob and it measures in at a fair 750 x 510 and looks fantastic when centrally installed on and island worktop. If you don’t have an island worktop then don’t worry, as it will look just as good integrated into a counter if you have the room. 

The RMB75HPECGL represents a new generation of electrical hobs that have been improved and tweaked to the point where any previous bugbears have been put to bed. A good example of this is the hob’s powerful coiling set-up which means that in seconds of activating a burner you will start to see heat. This is in stark contrast to many other ceramic hobs that can take a long time to reach cooking-ready heat. Operating Rangemaster’s RMB75HPECGL could not be more simple. Rather than try and condense functionality into the smallest number of buttons for the sake of style, each burner has its own set of controls each comprising an “on” switch plus both heat level increase and decrease buttons. What we like about this layout is that it is simple, dedicated and easy to use and spares the problems of having to navigate complex digital menus using selection wheels etc. 


For passionate foodies, Rangemaster is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Leeds. At Leeds Gas Showroom you can get the  RMB75HPECGL Hob with great service and a guaranteed excellent price,