Rangemaster’s Nexus Steam 110 dual fuel range cooker is arguably one of the greatest cookers on the market. This heavy-set giant comes in a wide range of beautiful colours including black, stainless steel, ivory or slate. Regardless of what colour you choose, the Nexus Steam 110 comes fixed with strikingly sturdy chrome handles that anchor the cooker’s unmistakable contemporary look. The hob burner controls are extremely tactile and come shaped in the most curvaceous of ways. This is because Rangemaster decided to use “diamond turning” - a method which involves spinning material templates whilst using a diamond to finely craft them into a shape. All cavity doors are also heavily glazed to keep in heat - a move that almost certainly contributes to the cooker’s A-rated energy efficiency score.

Steam Option For Better Tasting Food

As the name suggests this cooker has steam cooking capabilities in the form of a dedicated steam oven which is one of three different cavities. The merits of steam cooking are well documented - the process is renowned for preserving the moisture content in food as it cooks therefore locking in flavour, minerals and juiciness. If you are the kind of cook that likes to tackle ambitious recipes that require high levels of cooking control and quality, then the steam oven is something you must have. Fundamentally, the amount of space on the nexus allows you to cook a banquet style feast from start to finish simultaneously without having to worry about space! The standout benefit is that you can essentially manage several different cooking environments in one unit each of which can be primed for a certain culinary task.

Cleaning Made Easy

With all the cooking capacity available, you might think that cleanup could be problematic. Fortunately both right and left hand oven cavities are catalytic lined. All you need to do is run the catalytic cleaning program which will heat the inside of the oven walls to about 400 degrees, turning dried on grease and dirt into ash! It’s then just a matter of taking a damp cloth and giving the ovens a quick wipe down. One thing is for certain in that the days of scrubbing with noxious cleaning chemicals and wire wool for hours are long gone. This brings home an interesting point in that building an apex class of range cooker is a difficult task. If it becomes too rich with features and space, cleaning can become a mammoth task. Rangemaster have taken this onboard and have installed an easy catalytic cleaning feature to support its clout. 

A Hob That Can Handle Everything!

The Nexus Steam is simultaneously capable of quality and quantity as it offers an incredible 114 litres of cooking space split between its two ovens, bread proofing draw and grill, and that’s not mentioning the generously sized hob! The hob has five sturdy gas burners which will be able to handle anything you can throw at them. We especially loved the large double ring burner that burns at 3.5kW as it kicks out enough heat to handle large scale dishes like stir fries or paellas. Rangemaster have even included a mountable wok cradle which positions your pan at the right level for the perfect amount of heat.

In true Rangemaster style the Nexus Steam 110 also has the signature heavy duty cast iron pan supports which provide a stable base for your hob-top cooking. As if this wasn’t enough, the far left hand area of the hob acts as a dedicated multi-griddle cooking zone providing a healthy cooking option if you are trying to eat leaner.    

For passionate foodies, Rangemaster is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Leeds. At Leeds Gas Showroom you can get the Rangemaster Nexus Steam 110 with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.